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Glass: In the Nature of Things, Glass Quarterly/Spring 2015

Women in Art: Sandy Gellis—the Contemporary Sorceress, Voices of Change, by Grace Graupe-Pillard March 18, 2014

New Exhibits at BMAC (Bratleboro Museum and Art Center), Brattleboro Reformer, Jon Potter, July 22, 2010

Catching light, migrations, water flows, extinctions, Museo di Storia Naturale—Sezione Zoologica La Specola, 2005

Earth-Mapping, Artists Reshaping Landscape, Edward Casey, University of Minnesota Press, 2005

La Repubblica, L Arno E L Arte Il fuime dei ricordi e i sogni con le ali by Mara Amorevoli, May 27, 2004

La Repubblica by Claudia Riconda, February 2004

The New York Times, Cut, Bite and Stroke by Helen Harrison, March 21, 2004

Currents, The Hudson River Museum Newsletter Fall 2003

The New York Times, Art Review; Out of the Water, Inspiration, by William Zimmer, December 28, 2003

Land Views, Online Journal of landscape, Art & Design, Imaging the River by Cynthia Robinson, 2003

The New York Times, Art Reviews/Helen A. Harrison, Sunday August 19, 2001

The East Hampton Star, At The Galleries, July 5, 2001

The Suffolk Times, Another Footfalls steps out, Liz Wood, June 2001

Art On Paper, Working Proof, March -April 2000

Glass Art from Urban Glass, Richard Yelle, 2000

Themes and Variations, The Publications of Vincent Fitzgerald & Company 1980-2000

On Paper, Ocean Fragments, Working Proof, March-April 2000

Gloria Russell, Springfield Sunday Republican, Leisure D7, 1999

On Paper, The Seasons: Notations on a River, Reviews of Prints, Photographs, and Multiples, July-August 1998, deinstall, 1998

Divan-E-Shams, Jalaluddin Mohammad Rumi, Translated by Zahra Partovi, Published by Vincent Fitzgerald & Co.

Zahra Partovi, Footsteps, (a video) 1997, poetry by Rumi

On Paper, Reviews, July 1997

N.F. Karlins, The Westsider, Art, April 1997

N.F. Karlins, Chelsea Clinton News, Art, April 1997

Susan Tallman, The Contemporary Print from Pre-Pop to Postmodern, Thames and Hudson, 1996

Jacqueline Brody, The PrintCollector's, Reviews, Newsletter 1996

Karen D. Stein, Architectural record, Cover and inside story Sedgwick Branch Library, Bronx NY June 1995

J-Wave, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1995

Mathew Purdy, New York Times 1994, Bronx Welcomes a Haven For Books

Peg Churchill Wrght, The Daily Gazette, Sage Gallery Displays Photos of Hudson River, Troy, NY 1994

Jacqueline Brody, The PrintCollector's, Reviews, Newsletter 1994

Vivien Raynor, New York Times, 1992, Artistic Visions Make a Case for a Troubled Environment

Amy Sparks, The Cleveland Free Times, Drawing on Stone 1992

Projects: Earth, Air and Water Studies, (catalog) The Gallery Three Zero, NYC 1992

Presswork: The Art of Women Printmakers, (catalog) National Museum of Women in the Arts 1991

Facade Imaginaire, (catalog) 1990, Grenoble, France

Phyllis Braff, The New York Times, Fate of the World as a Theme April 8, 1990

Susan Tallman, Arts Magazine, Volume 64, No.7 February, The Other Biennial 1990

Political Landscapes, (catalog), Hillwood Art Museum, C.W. Post University, Greenvale NY 1990

Gretchen Faust, Arts Magazine, Volume 64, December New York in Review 1989

Kay Larson, New York Magazine, Art Section, Falling Into the Gap June 1989

Projects and Portfolios; 25th National Print Biennial, (catalog) The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY 1989

Glass, (catalog) 1989, The Society for Art in Crafts

Lines of Vision: Drawings by Contemporary Women, Hillwood Art Museum, C.W. Post University 1989

Gallery 1987,American Craft, September 1987, Mixed Media (photograph)

Nike, October/November, 1986, New Out of Europe (photograph)

Bent Irve, Kunst Information, September 9, 1986, Rummet Og Kunstvaerket (photograph)

Ib Sinding, Juylland Posten, September 1986, Et Handler Om Forholdet Mellem Kunstvarek Og Rum (photograph)

Ann Sorensen, Frederiksborg Amstans, September 21, 1986, Mangfoldigheds Rum

Peter Hornung, Berlinske Tidende, September 8, 1986, Billedge Og Billede Immellem

Oystien Hjort,Politiken, September 1, 1986, Plads Til Det Saere Og Store (photograph)

Nancy Princenthal, Art in America, February 1986, After Tilted Arc at Storefront for Art and Architecture

Margaret Richardson, New Work, Winter-Spring, 1986, Sandy Gellis: Studies for Dump Sites

Intericon 1986, (catalog#1,#2), Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark

AdoRnmenT's, (catalog), Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, NYC

William Zimmer, The New York Times, July 28, 1985, At Squibb: A Display of How Little Change There Really Is

Rachel Mullen, Mount Olive Chronicle, New Jersey, June 27, 1985, Nature is Vital Component In Actual Art

Estelle Sinclaire, Princeton Packet, New Jersey, June 18, 1985, Take Time Out For "Time Will Tell"

Helen Schwartz, Home News, New Brunswick, New Jersey, June 16, 1985, Squibb Shows Art About To Self Destruct

Diane Lundegaard, Sunstorm, September 1985, New York Experimental Glass

Workshop, A Melting Pot Where Ovens Burn

Workshop Experiments: Clay, Paper, Fabric, Glass, (catalog) 1985, Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, Vermont

Time Will Tell, (catalog) 1985, The Squibb Gallery, New Jersey

Diversity-New York Artists, (catalog) 1985, Main Gallery, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island

Susan Paul, Phoenix, February 1983, Direct Approach is Best

Kenneth Brown, Flatbush Life, February 1983, Enjoy Falling Into Art

Space Probes, (catalog) 1983, Nexus, Atlanta, Georgia

Visiting Artists, (catalog) 1983, Maryland Institute College Of Art, Baltimore, Maryland

55 Mercer: 12 Years, (catalog) 1983, NYC

Protective Devices, (catalog) 1983, Windows on White Street, NYC

Film Segment, Women Take Back the Night, Meryl Bronstein, 1983

Creative Time, (catalog) 1979, Creative Time Inc., NYC

Condensed Space, (catalog) 1977, Nassau County Museum of Art, Long Island

Gevind, (catalog) 1974, Rondetorn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Jeff Kipnis, Atlanta Art Papers, May- June 1981 Space Probes

Earthkeeping/Earthshaking, Heresies, Vol 4, No 1, Issue 13, Feminism & Ecology, 1980-81

Ellen Lubell, Soho News, April 20, 1978, If You Can Believe Your Eyes...Sandy Gellis/ Inverna Lockpez

David Shirey, The New York Times, November 13, 1977, Miniature But Monumental

Deborah Perlberg, Artforum, December 1977, Reviews

Seventy Six Pages, 1977

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